Your Project Partner to Complete the Picture.
Unlike a typical construction consultancy, we focus on building a team with the right combination of skill sets to help you execute a strategy, not just write one.
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We see the problem from every angle.

Diagnosing problems in large scale projects is not easy.

Untangling these requires multiple points of view you may not have access to in-house. Which is why we’ve started our practice, so whatever the problem at hand, you have every perspective you need to complete the picture

Not just thinkers but doers too.

With decades of experience as construction clients ourselves, what we always wanted was a partner who could work with us from the diagnosis of a problem through to solution.

With New Bearing, we wanted to build the company we wished we could’ve hired ourselves, by doing two things differently:

Building a team exclusively of practitioners with in-field experience

and complementary skill sets. This allows us to approach problems with greater practical knowledge but also greater creativity, finding solutions others wouldn’t.


being more than just claims consultants or strategy specialists

but genuine, long-term project partners for our clients. We believe in putting our thinking into practice, not leaving it on PowerPoint slides.


What we do.

Consequence Prevention

We believe that many of the problems that occur across the lifecycle of a project could’ve been avoided—or at least their impact reduced—with more input at an early stage. We implement project and commercial management best practices from project launch to conclusion.

Conflict Resolution

We have a long history of experience when it comes to change and claims management, and understand the need for timely and thorough diagnosis to achieve the best results. We help clients from the definition, development, and negotiation of a claim, through to its conclusion.

Practical Advice & Assessments

As experienced practitioners, we have an understanding of the strategic but also the practical challenges they face when tackling projects on larger scales than previous. We provide board-level support to help projects run more efficiently.

Training for Practitioners

We’ve built a host of short courses, templates and reference materials for your teams that are developed from real in-field experience. They’re delivered in a practical manner that will help build knowledge and confidence in your teams.

A combination of technical and commercial expertise

We are founded on the two main pillars of construction projects. These different perspectives help us stay unbiased in our approach to solving problems.

How we do it.


Few problems in construction are simple. Solving them requires building a complementary team with different practical skill sets; which is why the hiring and retaining of the best people is so important to us.


We have decades of successful experience in construction project delivery, and understand both the challenges you face, as well as what’s needed from us to get the job done.


At whichever stage we are brought into a project, be it upfront consequence mitigation or last-minute conflict resolution, we build strategies that we help deliver ourselves.

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